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Early Days
After starting Soldiers of the Cross (SOTC), a newsletter was begun to inform family and friends of the ministry about SOTC - its purpose and vision, and to keep people informed about what we were doing. This has grown into a Magazine called ‘The Evangelists Magazine’, for the purpose of edifying the church and encouraging and equipping those who are either already involved in evangelism outreach or inspire others to get involved.

The magazine continues to grow each issue as more people are The Evangelists Magazine - Issue 14 coverreached with it. Currently in its 20th issue with 16 pages, the magazine reaches not only Australia, but the US, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, New Zealand and a number of African nations, including Kenya, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Mawali, South Africa and Lesutho, which has led to the building of relationships with pastors and church workers who have a heart to reach the lost. SOTC has been able to assist the Africans by helping them to be equipped for evangelism through resources such as the School of Biblical Evangelism and by sending them materials such as Bibles, Books and CDs. Already fruit is being borne in these men as they are inspired and equipped for evangelism, with reports that the Gospel is being preached, lives are being changed and people are being saved. Praise God!

'The Evangelists Magazine' is a free publication, with no paid advertising. As our readership grows, especially overseas, so too do our costs. Therefore, we are now offering the option of a digital subscription, for those wishing to only receive a digital version, emailed directly to them every issue.

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