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So, you are interested in becoming a Survey Partner for your community.

To view and download the Surveys click the links below.

You are free to use the Australian Belief Survey as a different type of tract to share your faith.

The Great Commission Survey is good to keep handy as a second survey if you find in the Beliefs Survey, you are surveying a Christian. Simply tell them you have a short survey for Christians also and ask if you can go through it at the end. Complete the Beliefs Survey - make sure they are a Christian. Then go through the Great Commission Survey with them.

If you are wanting to send us the results to be compiled, you will need to register your details. Can I please encourage you to do so, as we believe these statistics will be important to the church in the future.

Registration is free and we will not be sharing your information with anyone else.

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

 1 Fill out the form below and agree to the Terms and Conditions, the Survey format and its 'message'.
 2 We will email you confirmation of your registration.
 3 Download and print off as many Surveys as you need, then, go for it.
Survey your community - Share the Gospel - Find out what people believe.
 4 Email us with the results regularly so your community can be added and also combined to the whole result.
Then, check Survey Results to see the results



Thank you for your commitment to Lord to see the Kingdom of God advanced so that the Lord may receive the reward of His suffering. 


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