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Survey Terms of Service

  1. "We" refers to The Soldiers of the Cross Inc. ministry; "You" or "Survey Partner" refers to you, the person signing up for the Survey Partnership; "Survey", "Beliefs Survey" and "Great Commission Survey" refer to the Surveys used and available from this website only.

  2. By accepting these terms, you agree to the format and message of the Surveys.

  3. When using the Surveys in practice, you should allow the Holy Spirit to direct the conversation, while still getting the answers to the questions. Use the Survey questions as a prompt to launch from, if necessary; or as something to get you back on track if the conversation has gotten off track or you can't answer a question.
    For example, if the person you are surveying wants to get off track and talk about evolution or something else, answer their questions quickly or else tell them you can talk to them about that after the survey or, if you don't know the answer, say you will find out and let them know (which also gives opportunity for another conversation). Then say something like, "Now, let's get back to the survey. The next question is..."

  4. You agree to email Soldiers of the Cross the results of your surveys as they are done or on a regular basis.

  5. You agree to not change the printed Survey nor the Survey questions, except in the way already described in Section 2 above.

  6. These Survey Terms and Conditions may change regularly, and no notice is given when they have changed, It is up to you to check back on a regular basis. We are not liable for any errors or omissions.

  7. This site and information is accurate at time of publication. However, mistakes happen. Please contact us if you find any errors or omissions. 
  8. If you cannot agree to the above terms or you wish to use the survey privately and not email the results, or if you wish to change the Survey questions in any way, then do not sign up as a Survey Partner. 




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