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Australian Beliefs Survey
Recently, our new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard said she did not believe in God and that Australia is no longer a Christian nation. We are wanting to find out if this is true. We have been surveying people in different communities about what they believe - about God, Heaven, Hell, the 10 Commandments, Jesus Christ, Eternal Life and how we receive it.

This survey will not only provide valuable information and statistics for the Christian Church community in Australia (what people really believe and where), it allows anyone with a heart for the lost, to be able to share the Gospel with whomsoever (family, friends, neighbours and strangers) in a such a way that is inoffensive, Biblical and fun. Just think of it as another type of tract. From our experience so far, people are really thinking and responding, not just to the questions, but to the Gospel and to God. And this is, of course, the ultimate aim.

Great Commission Survey
In the Great Commission Survey, we want to find out from Christians all over Australia how many are fulfilling the Great Commission, how they are doing it, how regularly and what their walk with God is like.

This survey will also provide valuable statistics for the Christian Church community regarding the state of the church in this nation.

Survey Results
Below are the 
current results from our surveys, defined by town or community. Results will be updated regularly.

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Survey Resources are available for Christians to download and then survey their own community.
This is YOUR opportunity to make a difference in your community.

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